“We believe in you go do great things”

To the Families of Lydia Rippey Elementary,

Yesterday, August 24, 2021, the New Mexico Public Education Department released a new updated Toolkit on how to handle Covid-19 in our schools. In the interest of being a safe and fulfilled school we want to communicate these new procedures. 

There are 3 main ideas we must follow that will affect families of our students when a child presents as sick:

  • It no longer matters if a person with symptoms is vaccinated, if a student or staff member presents or mentions being sick while at school they must go home for 10 days or until the school receives a negative PCR test.  


  • Close Contact (you were exposed to a person who has been tested to have Covid-19) – must quarantine the entire 10 days with or without a test.


  • Students whose parents call in sick from home MUST follow the same rules – they must sit out 10 days or until we receive a negative PCR test.

Again, this is a hard time for everyone, so we ask that you remember we are following the state mandates. If you have any questions regarding the NMPED Toolkit or the accompanying documents you can see by using the link below, please call the school nurse.


Dana Stanley 


Lydia Rippey

401 Rio Pecos Road . Aztec, NM 87410 . 505-334-2621.