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Dreama West
Behavior Educator
Afton Yazzie
Title 1 EA
Amanda Israel
Kindergarten EA
Tinessa Lee
One on One EA
Angela Johnson
Sped EA
Jennifer Watts
Sped EA
Stacy Olguin
Pre K EA
Brea Britten
Pre K EA
Amber Whitten
Pre K EA
Leslie Ketring
Sped EA
Karri Guin
Pre-School Teacher
ext. 1851
Lessie Steele
Pre-School Teacher
ext. 1850
Stacey Briggs
Social Worker
ext. 1838
Kathleen Sansing
ext. 1814
Cindy Martin
School Nurse
ext. 1804
Tanya Ober
Speech Therapist
ext. 1854
Neily Snook
Gifted Teacher
ext. 1741
Rachel Banash and Michelle Thomason
ext. 1822
Marissa Begay
Music Teacher
ext. 1841
Jef Newland
P.E. Teacher
ext. 1853