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Tiger Community, 

As you may know, today, we received updated information regarding new requirements for schools regarding COVID-19 practices. 
·        All students and staff in a school building, on school transportation, or at an indoor school activity must wear a mask at all times regardless of vaccination status. The only exception to this is when eating and drinking.
·        Masks continue not to be required outdoors.
·        These requirements may change if the infection rate in San Juan county drops.
The Public Education Department has been clear that this is a requirement that we must follow. As a District, we must take steps to ensure that these requirements are met.
In addition, there are a few critical requirements that we want to highlight for all families:
·        We are limited in what COVID tests we can accept.
o  We can accept PCR tests and rapid PCR tests.
o  We cannot accept antigen tests.
·        If your child has a disabling condition or medical need that you believe may prevent mask-wearing, we need this information to be provided to the school. We will work with families to try and establish accommodations for the student. However, please know that in most cases, we may have to have students in this situation participate in alternative schooling due to masking requirements and for the health and safety of our staff and other students.
We recognize that this news may cause disappointment for some, while it may be a welcome step to keep students and staff safe for others. Regardless, this is a requirement that we must abide by to continue serving students in person. Due to this, we want to thank you for your assistance in meeting these requirements and for taking steps to help keep others safe by sending your student to school with a mask each day.
If you have questions or concerns regarding these changes, you are welcome to reach out to the Aztec Municipal School District at (505) 334-9474 or NMDOH at (505) 827-0006.
The Aztec Municipal School District